The Fancy Flannel Pattern

TEA SHOP & CAFEThis week I started making my Christmas presents. Early I know, but when you make all of your presents, you really have to plan ahead! My idea is to make flannels [wash cloth] for my family & friends and wrap a handmade bar of soap from a local company in each (you can definitely steal this idea if you like)! I had bought some DMC Natura, purely because I liked to colour, and after it had been sat staring at me for a few days I decided I had better get cracking. It was quick, easy, fun to do, and I loved experimenting with the edging. 100% cotton really is the perfect material for this as it is gentle on the skin and can be washed again and again. The pattern is here to enjoy, completely free! This pattern is perfect for beginner crocheters who are getting to grips with the different stitches and how they can be used to create different effects, or for the experienced stitcher looking for a quick, mindless, but useful project. These flannels [Wash cloths] make perfect little presents for birthdays, Christmas, Mothers day etc. Experiment with different colours and see what you like best!

This pattern is available in both British and American terminology. UK terminology is used primarily, US terminology is in [Square Brackets].


  • 50g DMC Natura Medium [Aran/Worsted]100% cotton in Mustard (Shade 09)
  • 25g Drops Paris [Aran/Worsted] 100% cotton in White (Shade 16)
  • 5mm Hook for body of flannel [H/8]
  • 4.5mm Hook for edging [7]
  • Yarn Needle



  • Ch: Chain
  • Dc: Double Crochet
  • Tr: Treble Crochet
  •  Ss: Slip Stitch
  •  Sk: Skip Stitch


  • Ch: Chain
  • Sc: Single Crochet
  •  Dc: Double Crochet
  •  Ss: : Slip Stitch
  • Sk: Skip Stitch


The body of this flannel uses the Corner to Corner crochet method. This is a simple to pick up technique that uses chains, and treble (double) crochets. A written pattern of this method is provided below, but if you find this hard to follow, and find learning with a tutorial easier, I have provided a link to Bella Coco’s video on YouTube, which guides you through this technique, using British terms.

Starting your c2c: Increasing

  1. Ch 6.
  2. Tr [dc] into the 4th chain from hook. Tr [dc] into the remaining 2 stitches. (There should now be 3 trebles [doubles] and one chain of 3 – this is one block) (Picture A)
  3. Turn work, Ch6. Tr [dc] into the 4th chain from hook. Tr [dc] into the remaining 2 stitches. (you now have 2 blocks).
  4. SS into the Ch 3 space on your first group of trebles [doubles]. (Picture B)
  5. Ch3, work 3 Tr [dc] into the Ch3 space. (You have now completed row 2) (Picture C)
  6. ***Turn work, Ch6. Trc [dc] into the 4th ch from hook. Tr [dc] into the remaining 2 stitches.
  7. (SS, Ch3, 3 Tr [dc]) into the Ch3 space of previous row (Picture D).
  8. *(SS, Ch3, 3Tr [dc]) into the next Ch3 space of the previous row.* Repeat *to* until the end of the row.
  9. When you reach the end of a row, go back to *** and work through steps 6-8 for each row.

When you have done 11 rows in this way (counting from 1st corner treble cluster), it is time to start decreasing.  (If you want to make it a little bigger, just carry on as above until you are happy, then start decreasing with the instructions below.

Finishing your c2c: Decreasing
  1. Turn work, Ch1, SS into next 2 stitches (Picture E).
  2. (SS, Ch3, 3 Tr [dc]) into chain 3 space.
  3. Work step 7 across to second to last cluster, ending with SS into last stitch before chain 3 space (Picture F).
  4. Turn work, Ch1, SS into next 3 stitches.
  5. (SS, Ch3, 3 Tr [dc]) into chain 3 space.

Repeat rows 9 -13 until you come to the last decrease. Secure with a SS.

  1. Ch1, work Dc [sc] around the square distributing the stitches evenly. There should be 3 Dc [sc] per cluster around.


Join white yarn.

  1. Ch1, *1Dc [sc] in each stitch to corner, 2Dc [sc] in corner stitch* repeat from *to* around. Join with SS.
  2. Chain 5 (This becomes a Tr & Ch2). *Sk 1 st, Ss following st, ch2, Sk 1 st, Tr [dc] into next st, Ch2* Repeat from *to* around.
  3. Join with a SS to the 3rd stitch in the beginning Ch. Fasten off. Sew in Ends.

I hope you have enjoyed making this as much as I have enjoyed writing this pattern for you. If you have any difficulties at all, or notice something that is not qu
ite right, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to he

Happy Hooking,

CherryFloss X


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