Intarsia Crochet Cat Cushion

I am happy to share with you my pattern for a Black Cat Silhouette Cushion: a brilliant addition to any living space! 



Last weekend I saw a friend working in Intarsia Crochet and I thought to myself: that is so cool! It played on my mind for a day or two and I soon realised that I could TOTALLY design a cushion using this technique. This is the first of many Intarsia Crochet Designs so do follow my blog if you would like to be notified when more arrive!

My Mum’s birthday is rapidly approaching. Now mums love handmade gifts no matter how old their child gets so I decided to kill two birds with one stone and design/make the cushion with my mum in mind. She has always been a fan of cats; she once saved a tiny stray kitten and brought it home to my Nan, he was a much loved cat and lived to the ripe old age of 21! Since then she has always collected all manner of cat related items and she still has a cat this day, (not so) little Panzy. Lucky was a black & white cat but was all black from the back – so this Black Cat Silhouette Cushion is inspired by Lucky.

It really is simple to make, the only stitches you need to know are Double Crochet [Single Crochet], Chain, and slip stitch. Changing colour Intarsia style is simple once you get your head around it and a photo tutorial can be found on the pattern download. The back of the cushion is stitched in two pieces, one with buttons on and the other button holes! This means that washing and changing the cushion insert is an absolute breeze!

Make this for your cat obsessed friend, for your mum for Christmas, or for yourself, it’s bound to impress any house guest!

If you are the superstitious type and don’t fancy making a black cat – never fear! Why not swap the black for brown, grey, or even a ginger colour to make your cushion truly unique! You can swap the background colour too if you prefer something that fits in with your decor, just make sure it’s Aran weight!



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