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Let’s Get Down to Business


You may have read the first post I wrote called ‘Welcome to the Woollen Madness’. If you have you will be aware that I have a crafty business venture in mind and intend to detail my crafty journey right here on this blog. If you haven’t read it, you won’t be aware, but that’s all about to change.

My beautiful home city of York, which is gifted with an abundance of crafters who, like me, have a serious addiction to yarn, seemed like the perfect place to make my dream a reality. Up until now my idea has only been excitedly discussed with friends, family, and fellow crafters but it has received a wonderful amount of support from these people. It was this support that made me realise the potential for my idea and decide to take the plunge.

Last Friday was my first meeting with Quirkarium, a creative business mentor based in York. I have decided to work with Beth, the founder, to make my dream a reality. Her experience in marketing, sales, and starting her own creative business (Walter & May) means that she can provide valuable insight into the creative business world and guide me through the processes of business planning, marketing, and opening! (hopefully meaning I can avoid some of the most common mistakes when opening a business).

I was so nervous on the cycle over to Beth’s house and didn’t really know what to expect but as soon as I arrived I relaxed completely and  knew that me and Beth would work well together. I must say that the provision of shortbread fingers definitely helped with this…. but still. We talked for a few hours, condensing all the ideas that had been bursting out of me for weeks into a manageable business concept with room for growth. This was great as it made me realise the ideas that were viable, the ones that are superfluous, and the ones that I will be able to develop at a later date. It’s great having loads of ideas, but let’s face it – slow and steady always wins the race.

Beth advised me to make a vision board which I have already started. Of course, being a crafty individual I couldn’t have any old boring board so I got a cheap cork board, painted it and then got my hot glue gun at the ready. Here is the result: soon to be covered with ideas, images, and inspirational quotes relating to my idea – I’ve already printed loads off but don’t want to give away my idea just yet!

A blank Canvas ready to purge my ideas onto! 

I left that initial meeting with a spring in my step and excitement buzzing through me. It’s time to roll up my sleeves and get planning. The obligatory help book has already been bought: ‘The Idea in You: How to Find it, Build it, & Change your Life’, and I am so excited to read it & get started!

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CherryFloss X 


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