Sea, Sand & Sunburn

On the Beach

As most of you will now know I live in York, UK. A beautiful and historic city which nurtures craft and creativity. What some of you might not know however, is that I am originally from a little town in South Wales, Porthcawl. This weekend I took a few days out of my busy schedule to visit my Mum from her birthday and enjoy the delights of this little seaside town.

Our visit started the same way it does every time we go down – with a painstaking seven-hour train journey. This is made bearable only by the fact that I can spend the entire time with a ball of yarn in my lap and a hook in my hand. On the way down I managed to finish the body of another Twiddle-muff for my group The York KnitWits and make considerable progress with my knitted shawl. I will also confess that the train journey allowed for many ‘Pokémon Go’ opportunities and my finds included a Lapras, and an Eevee that I evolved into a Vaporeon. Anyways… Upon arrival we completely crashed (those train journeys really take it out of you) and settled down for a night of wine, enchiladas, and stitching buttons galore onto the twiddle-muff that I completed on the train.

We woke the next day to glorious sunshine and knew that the day was destined to be spent on the sand. We decided to walk over the sand-dunes from a little nature reserve called Kenfig Pool to Sker Beach. So, with the sun on our backs and our little dog Finn in tow, we set off. Getting lost is something that I not only enjoy, but that I am very, very good at and we spent a fair chunk of time trudging through over grown paths to find our way onto the ‘beaten track’ – eventually we found the beach and it was definitely worth the wait. We found a spot atop the pebbles and tucked into some chicken drumsticks, cocktail sausages and home-made banana cake (a speciality of mine). After we had been fed and watered we walked along the shore, the dog diving into pools of seawater whilst I searched for the most beautiful pebbles and shells that the sea had to offer. After feeling nostalgic and drawing my name in the sand, we walked back across the dunes. When we got back to the car we realised the sun had taken its toll and, despite A LOT of sun cream, we were rather pink (my ginger boyfriend in particular had an uncanny resemblance to a lobster). Below are just a few pictures that I took – the pictures really don’t do the beauty of this place justice – but I will always look back on them fondly as I remember this day. We ended the day with Turkey Dansak, television, and A LOT of after-sun!

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Sunday was an exciting morning, me and mum left Alex in bed to go to a big car boot sale in a massive multi-story car park. Every crafter will know that these type of events are a great opportunity – a place your creativity can run wild. My haul was small, but I did manage to find some gems. I bought some shell buttons to put on my twiddle-muffs going forwards – a whole sandwich bag full for only £1, some Pokémon cards for the boyfriend, Kirsty Allsopp’s Homemade Home book for a staggering 50p, and a collection of vintage patterns for only 20p each! I think it’s safe to say that I would recommend a visit to your local car boot sale if you are a crafter – you can find some great stuff about and if you are the resourceful type you could find so many unwanted items with untapped craft potential.


Monday was my Mum’s birthday and obviously I spent the day spoiling her rotten! She received some beautiful presents (not just from me!). A blue and pink Orchid: the colours are amazing – like nothing I have ever seen and obviously she got the Crocheted Cat Cushion that was designed and made by me for her! I also made her some lovely peanut-butter cupcakes which have been devoured in less than 24 hours. I love spending time with my mum, living so far away from her is hard and I love going down and spending quality time with her, even just sitting and knitting together is wonderful.

Now I have put it all down on paper I realise why I am so tired – we got a lot done in a weekend – not only this, but I started designing a new crochet cushion. Subscribe to the blog to find out when the finished piece will be posted!

Happy Stitching

Cherry Floss X 




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