Pokéball Pattern!


Download The Pattern Here! 

I’m sure everyone in the world is now aware that on July 6th 2016, Pokémon GO was introduced to the world. I have therefore decided to make myself a special sort of Pokémon trainer – one who makes their own Pokémon, and share the patterns with you so that you can be one too. Starting with a Pokéball, because you can’t catch others without them, I will be posting a series of Pokémon patterns over the coming weeks. So keep your eyes peeled!

Now a little about the game… I used to play Pokémon as a child: I had the original Red, Yellow, & Blue on my GameBoy, I collected the cards (I still have some actually), and had Pokémon stadium on N64, but I wasn’t so excited about this as it had been years since I had got excited at the sight of a Pikachu. My boyfriend on the other hand is a Pokémon fiend and so he was the one who persuaded me to get it so that we could go hunting together. I haven’t stopped playing since. Here are some of my finds/hatches so far:

There are flaws in the game, don’t get me wrong. It is incredibly annoying that it crashes all the time, doesn’t load, or the GPS drops out but i’ve been on more random, unplanned walks in the past 3 weeks than I have in years, it’s even drawn me away from my knitting for an hour or two – and that’s saying something! Me and my boyfriend now go on walks to find Pokémon together and although we aren’t crazy addicted, it’s nice to do something new together. Plus… I’m doing better than he is, which is always a plus! People have criticised the game but i’m under the impression that if people are enjoying it, getting out into the fresh air, and meeting new people who like what they like then what’s the problem. Lets enjoy this new technology and the novelty it brings!

Why not comment below & tell me what your favourite Pokémon is? Have you been playing Pokémon Go & love it as much as I have?!

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5 thoughts on “Pokéball Pattern!

  1. Thank you for the pattern! I found your blog through ravelry and I’m enjoying your posts! Do you mind if I link back to this post on my blog? My family has been loving playing Pokemon Go together and it was especially fun on our recent road trip vacation.


    1. Hello Crochetshay! Thank you so much for your lovely words. I would love for you to link back to this pattern on your blog: the more the merrier! It’s a great game and it can be played by everyone in the family which is even better. Hope you enjoyed your road trip, where did you go?

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