It’s Time for a Catch-Up

So, it’s been a while since the last post but there has just been so much exciting goings-on in my life at the moment. I won’t keep you in suspense any longer – let’s have a catch up.

Creative Business News!

let’s start with the business news, as that is probably what has been taking up the most of my time!  Things are advancing quickly and if you have been following my Instagram feed, you might have guessed what business I will be opening, but for now I am just going to tempt you with clues!



I had a brilliant branding session a couple of weeks ago with my mentor, Beth from Quirkarium. It was something that I had been super excited about, getting an image together in my head about what it was going to look like! I could see the branded tote bags already!  The session was three hours of cutting, sticking, exploring Pinterest, and playing around with logos & fonts, and biscuits and tea were obviously involved too. It was a fantastic opportunity for me to ‘brain dump’ all of my ideas, bring them back together and write down what I wanted my brand, and business to represent. Don’t get me wrong, the hard work isn’t over yet but now I have an image to move towards, an ethos, and it makes me ecstatic!


The branding meeting made me realise that it wouldn’t be all that long until I officially launched my business so I thought it was high-time I created a space for me to conduct all my crafty, creative business. I have therefore spend a considerable chunk of time from the last few weeks building my office/studio. I have completely fallen in love with the space. It’s somewhere for me to get stuck in, let the creative juices flow and also knuckle down to some important admin! You may have noticed that I share my space with a certain furry little critter; Dumbo, our hamster keeps me company and maintains my sanity during late night costing sessions!

Finally on the business front, I made my very first wholesale order!  I was so scared about making the order because I thought they would ask trillions of questions about my business to verify that I was, in fact, legit. However, it seems that as long as you pay, they don’t really care, ha! Its arrival made me so happy – I spent the best part of a day organising it and filing it that I felt like a real business woman!

Knitting News!!

So, enough of the business news now – let’s talk about what i’ve been stitching! I have a few patterns currently being tested (watch this space!) and the one I am most proud of is definitely my Pikachu. He took a while to design and I got so frustrated at one point that I actually gave myself repetitive strain but it was SO worth it, I shall be uploading the pattern as soon as it has been A-Okayed by the tester!

Currently on the needles is a simple shawl in a beautiful blue/green variegated yarn. This is actually the first time I have ever knitted with yarn that I have dyed myself and it is coming together a treat, if I do say so myself. I love the colour of the yarn and how the slight variegation makes it resemble the beautiful clear waters around a tropic island. I can’t wait to have this finished and I plan to add a crochet edge and beading.


I hope that this has shed a little light on my absence and I look forwards to updating you all on the progression of both my knitting projects and my creative business! If you want daily updates on how things are progressing, why not follow me on Instagram or Twitter?

Happy Stitching!


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